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Bookkeepers and CPA’s – Do I Really Need Both?

February 15, 2019, Author: Bradford Batten

A very common question we get as bookkeepers is “Why do I need a bookkeeper and a CPA?  Aren’t CPA’s supposed to be really good at bookkeeping?”   The assumption in this question is, both professions fulfill the same function; a CPA is just a really good bookkeeper who also does taxes.  The truth is […]


2019 Payroll updates for Washington State

November 26, 2018, Author: Bradford Batten

As we all careen headlong into 2019, now is a good time to review some important changes regarding your employees and payroll in Washington State.  Minimum wage, along with other changes are coming to Washington based employers: State minimum wage increases it $12.00 as of January 1, 2019.  Minimum wage will vary according to your […]


Independent Contractors Part 3

November 8, 2018, Author: Bradford Batten

In the final part of our discussion on independent contractors, we will look at the last 4 tests of Part B of the Department of Labor and Industries in Washington state. In our previous 2 discussions, we looked at Part A of the guide and the first half of Part B.  In this discussion we […]


Independent Contractors Part 2

October 8, 2018, Author: Bradford Batten

The first part of this discussion focused on the individual and weather they coordinated their own crew, and supplied their own specialized equipment. In this second part of our discussion on independent contractors we will look at the first three questions in the second part of the test used by the Department of Labor and […]


Independent Contractors Part 1

September 8, 2018, Author: Bradford Batten

A very common question for many small business owners is “How can I tell if I have an independent contractor (1099 contractor) or employee, and do I need to cover them under my workers compensation insurance?”  This question is often born from the need to minimize costs and liabilities for the business owner. In the […]

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Welcome to My Business Partner

January 19, 2018, Author: shop-mbp

We’ve just hung our new digital shingle, so to speak. Take some time to check out the site and let us know how we can help you with your bookkeeping needs.